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About Me

I believe it takes strength to be vulnerable and open to change.  Finding a therapist  can feel overwhelming.  It is so important to find the right match of personalities and education.  Someone who understands what you have experienced in your life or has the strength to listen without judgement and to walk by your side during this new journey of growth. 


I am a very authentic person and tend to connect well with people because I genuinely care. I promise to be myself in my sessions with you and I will treat you with respect without the BS. I like to have fun in my sessions and if you curse or use humor, I may just join you because my clients have reported that they appreciate the natural conversations and trusting relationship with me.  Just know that when we are working together I will strive to provide a space where you feel supported and encouraged to be yourself without judgement.   A place of healing where you can recognize what is out of your control, learn effective ways to let go of unhelpful thoughts and patterns and embrace your strengths to lead a more fulfilling life. 

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I am a licensed therapist with over 14 years of experience who has received excellent training in specialized evidence based therapy where there is solid evidence to support the effectiveness of the interventions I offer. I am passionate about continuing to educate myself so that I can provide the best care for my clients. 


I have a passion for providing a unique evidenced-based treatment called EMDR. This treatment is so effective with healing emotional distress and traumatic memories that it is highly regarded and well sought out by people who know about it.  The goal is to remove the blocks that are caused by emotional wounds and move towards healing. 


I also utilize Mindfullness-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which teaches you to consciously pay attention to your thoughts and feelings without placing any judgement on them.  By learning mindfulness exercises, stress is reduced significantly and you can focus on learning to recognize and replace unhelpful thoughts with more positive and encouraging ones.  


I know there are many competent therapists to choose from.  If you feel that I might be a good match for you, please reach out to schedule an intake appointment where I can learn about your strengths and challenges and collaborate with you to develop a treatment plan towards healthier decisions, overcoming barriers, more fulfilling relationships, increased success, and greater satisfaction with your life. 



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