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Anxiety can be unease and discomfort with self and/or others.

Anxiety can look very different across individuals.

Typically, anxiety manifests in Four areas: THINKING problems/difficulties, unwanted BEHAVIORS/problematic behaviors, and uncomfortable PHYSIOLOGICAL experiences such as panic attacks, tension, headaches, stomach-issues, and Overwhelming EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCES such as feeling helpless/discouraged/embarrassed/foolish/defeated.

 I will work with you to bring the following states of mind to your anxiety: MINDFULNESS, ACCEPTANCE/ALLOWING, COMPASSION, KINDNESS, TOLERANCE, AND PATIENCE. 

Although anxiety is extremely uncomfortable, it is best to work WITH IT than against it.

It is best to EMBRACE it when it occurs, rather than reject it or yourself.


The tools I will teach and practice with you will help you better tolerate the presence and existence of anxiety when it happens. Ultimately, your anxiety will lessen dramatically. When anxiety does come up,

I will help you to differentiate if it is your mind playing tricks on you or if your body is trying to communicate information to you about something that does not sit right with you. 

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