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Depression can be experiencing a void, a loss, feeling empty, and alone even when in the presence of others. Depression can also be irritability. 

As with anxiety, Depression manifests in three main ways: THINKING problems/difficulties, unwanted BEHAVIORS/problematic behaviors, and uncomfortable PHYSIOLOGICAL experiences such as fatigue, body aches, and pains, little to no energy, heaviness or what feels like dead weight. 

Examples of THINKING difficulties: seeing everything through dark lenses; only focusing on the negative.

Examples of unwanted BEHAVIORS: isolating from others, no longer doing things you used to enjoy, calling off work sick where it has become a problem, no longer having an appetite so you have stopped eating, etc, difficulty with sleep (sleeping too much or restless sleep)

I will work with you to bring the following states of mind to your Depression: MINDFULNESS, ACCEPTANCE/ALLOWING, COMPASSION, KINDNESS, TOLERANCE, AND PATIENCE. 

Although depression is extremely uncomfortable, it is best to work WITH IT than against it. It is best to EMBRACE it when it occurs than reject it or yourself. 

The tools I will teach and practice with you will help you better tolerate the presence and existence of depression when it happens, and ultimately work towards significantly reducing experienced depression. You and I will also work on exploring the underlying causes of your specific depression and address those causes accordingly. 

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