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A traumatic experience can be actual or perceived. A traumatic experience is one that was overwhelming at the time in which it occurred where appropriate resources were not present or not sufficient to cope with the trauma. Trauma can be a single event or a series/chronic course of events. Traumatic events also dramatically change one’s world-view, which then impact and guide behavior. Developmental Trauma; Example of trauma and impact on learning: A 7-year-old little girl is constantly being scolded by her caregiver and being told that she makes too many mistakes. As a result, this little girl now has a worldview: “I need to be perfect; I cannot make mistakes; I am not good enough.” A trauma can also be experiencing a car accident, a death, a break-up, sexual assault, bullying, domestic violence. You get the picture now right?

How I can support and help you with trauma: I will help you relate to your trauma in a more adaptive way. I will teach you what happened to your body physiologically and will help you relate to your body in a more compassionate way. More importantly, I will help you develop more adaptive thinking that better serves you now. I will also work with you on building on your strengths internally so that you feel you have everything necessary to provide yourself with a sense of safety, love, compassion, and kindness. 

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