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Addiction/Substance Use

I have learned that using substances often times is a form of coping. Substances typically do not start off as a problem, but can certainly become a problem. Typically, individuals use whatever drug of choice to cope with unbearable pain, unease or discomfort. Treatment for addiction is unique to each individual, but typically treatment involves addressing the underlying issues that sparked the use of substances in the first place. 

Prior to addressing underlying trauma, depression, anxiety, or any other untreated condition, withdrawal symptoms need to be appropriately attended to. 

Withdrawal from certain drugs, such as alcohol and benzodiazepines can be deadly and require medical intervention.

How I can help: I will work with you to bring the following states of mind to your recovery: MINDFULNESS (conscious and purposeful attention without criticism), ACCEPTANCE (of what is within and out of your control; acceptance of what is), COMPASSION (bringing compassion towards yourself), KINDNESS (being kind to yourself, starting with your internal dialogue), TOLERANCE (tolerance of discomfort and not giving into immediate gratification; tolerance of pain), AND PATIENCE (patience that recovery and repair take time). 

I will also help you in repairing any relationships that were negatively affected by the addiction. 

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