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Clinical Consultation

​Whether you employ me as a clinical consultant or not, I would like to offer resources I wish I had at my fingertips when I was first starting off as a clinician, 

Here you can find book recommendations, recommended evidenced based therapies, recommended trainings, etc. 

Questions To Ask In Consultation

​Ask Questions! You are a peer.  If you have different preferences, share them with your consultant and request for your consultant to offer supporting research for tools/techniques, you name it. This will allow you to make the most informed decision on what you choose to apply in your practice.  Do not stay in the dark. Ask for evidence. 


  • What is your theoretical framework and how do you case conceptualize?

  • How do you approach treatment planning?

  • Do you have any supporting documents for each phase of therapy?

  • How do you approach Safety and Stabilization, and can you reference research that support your clinical decision-making, such as whether or not to utilize safety contracts?

  • Can you offer a recommended reading list for treatment guidelines in your area of expertise? 

For helpful legal and ethical clinical forms:

Helpful Clinical Assessment and evaluation forms:

Clinical record keeping:

Risks and dangers of internet practice:

What you need to know about mandated reporting:

For helpful Clinical training:

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