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This Website, and specifically this Blog, is not meant to provide therapeutic, psychiatric, or counseling advice.

This Website and its content are purely for educational purposes.

Nothing I post should be taken as personal advice.

My posts are not psychotherapy nor a substitute for treatment, and they should not be used to replace professional help.

A therapist-client connection is not formed by the information provided.

This Blog does not request previous or present clients to provide a testimonial, rating, or recommendation.

Comments on this Blog are not confidential, and please always remember that your comments or likes may endanger your confidentiality if you are a current or previous client.

How to Find Help for a Crisis

People in crisis can get immediate help by calling 911.

If you are considering suicide you can also call or text 988, the

National Suicide Lifeline available 24 hours per day,

Every day.

Urgent help is also available at your local hospital emergency room or by contacting your local crisis line.

You can also reference my resource page for additional mental health services:

If you feel like I am a good fit for you as you consider continuing or starting your therapeutic journey, please feel free to reach out to me and schedule a free 20-30 minute virtual consultation where I can answer all questions and explore if I am a good fit for you at this time:

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