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Group Therapy

My Mission: Whether you experience social anxiety, OCD, dissociation, you name it, you likely are very familiar with suffering. You likely have experienced feeling like the “odd one out.”  For many of us, our wounding and suffering started really young, or we may not know a life without it. Receiving the right information, messaging, and care is something our society has struggled to provide. For many of us, it may have taken us years, a decade or two to finally find language to our experiences, let alone adequate resources and community. My mission is to be an active contributor to this problem. Part of my contribution is to provide opportunities for connection and belonging. Most importantly, I will strive to provide a space where you(s) can lean into being the most authentic you(s).

Portrait of disabled young woman crying sitting in wheelchair during support group meeting

What are the benefits of participating in Mindful Therapy Practice process groups?

There will be a screening conducted by your facilitator who is highly qualified in providing effective and compassionate care, specifically for individuals with complex PTSD and dissociative adaptations and systems.

Your facilitator will ensure the virtual space provided is comfortable, supportive, respectful, welcoming, and compassionate. Benefits to participating in process groups include but are not limited to the following:

  • An opportunity for you(s) to lean into your authenticity

  • An opportunity to practice taking up space

  • An opportunity for your voice(s) to be heard

  • An opportunity to put into practice new tools, skills you have learned

  • An opportunity to practice letting go of shame, self-criticism and lean into just being you(s)

  • An opportunity to add more positive social experiences to your system’s memory network

  • An opportunity to experience community and true belonging

Things to explore and be mindful about prior to and during group participation:

  1.  It is not mandatory to have an individual therapist, although it is highly recommended. 

  2. I invite you to be curious about possible triggers that may come up, as we all experience triggers.  Noticing these triggers will help you be mindful about the self-care that is needed. Noticing these triggers can be opportunities for your continued individual growth, whether with an individual therapist or not. You can use this link for handouts that could better help you internally explore material that is coming up for you.

  3. I invite you to be curious about your support system outside of the group.

  4. I invite you to engage in some additional learning to further support you in making sense of your experiences.  We all consume and process information differently. You can use this link to explore suggestions for books, podcasts, videos.

What if I'm anxious about
participating in a group?

Anxiety is a normal human experience, but for many of us, our alarm system needed to be on high alert and active in order to help us survive environments and experiences that were unsafe and threatening. For many of us, there was simply not enough soothing from our caregivers, resulting in our brain constantly making efforts to solve problems and make sense of things completely on our own, resulting in overwhelm and self-doubt. Many of us have experienced harsh criticism or verbal abuse that has taught us that being seen and heard is not safe. As an adult, and hopefully now away from the environments/people/systems that caused you to be on constant alert, joining a process group can be an opportunity to befriend your nervous system and teach your body and brain that not all environments/people/places/systems are threatening. Participating in a group can be an opportunity for you to practice connecting with your system in a way that is more collaborative, where you can practice self or system soothing. Tools for self and system soothing will be discussed, explored, and practiced in the first group session, and likely at each group session.

Support Group FAQ

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